Parts For Sale


I have some used parts for sale.  These parts have been removed from vehicles over the span of some 25+ years.  Please feel free to inquire about the availability of a part you need.  Please provide exact information, such as the year and model of your truck.  If I do not have the item you need, I will try my best to find it for you.

I also have reproduction C cab dash pads for sale.  These are new and were produced here in California.


Complete front axle off of a E-40 truck.  Dayton wheels included.  One king pin is worn out.

Complete front axle off of a E-28/E35 truck.   SOLD!

Two speed rear axle off of a E-28/E35 truck.  SOLD!

T-9 Non Synchromesh 4 speed truck transmission, with band brake.  Came out of V-8 truck.  Will work with Commander 6 engine.

Used gas tanks.  Most out of Transtar pickups, a couple out of 2R pickups